“Introducing Stencil Art” Spray Sessions – Bristol

These sessions are for everyone who is looking for a new experience: someone’s who possibly never ever shaken a spray can before! We introduce stencil art from the very beginnings of recorded-human history, to the modern day with Banksy art. Just what did inspire him to become so impressive at stencil art in a world of graffiti art in Bristol?

These sessions are a great way to spray street art (#SPRAYSTREETART), “get your hands on the cans” and take home some self-sprayed artwork. (A2 artwork size which is 59cm by 42cm).

Water-based spray painting session at an indoor Venue in central Bristol

At our sessions you’ll develop better “can control” with a spray can. “Can Control” is the unique skill required to achieve the best results with a spray can and the tutor will instruct all participants on how to achieve the best results. This skill can take years to develop and this will be the starting point for all new spray can users.

At all our sessions we use brand new caps making sure the paint flows freely and true and we are able to run our sessions all year round and in all weathers, as we are using a new technology in spray can art, water-based spray paints. These spray cans do not contain dangerous odours and this also enables us to run our sessions in an indoor venue.

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Best Learning Experience of the Year Award 2018-2019

Having been recognised as an innovative experience offering something new to all participants, the sessions encourage art and creativity, and this led to Where The Wall’s “Introducing Stencil Art” Spray Session graffiti workshops to be awarded at the Bristol, Bath and Somerset Tourism awards as an award winner in the best LEARNING EXPERIENCE OF THE YEAR category.

Graffiti Workshop Award
Tourism Award