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Playing Graffititude Large Group

For UK schools & colleges who are looking to come to Bristol for our 2 hour Bristol Street Art Experience contemporary cultural activity, then look no further!

We have been delivering educational experiences for almost 15 years and have a package of activities that will guarantee that your group will take away valuable and rewarding experiences that hopefully they’ll never forget.

If you travelling from abroad to come and see us, we have another page for international cultural groups, so if you are thinking about coming to see us then please click here.

Our Bristol Street Art Experience has been designed to provide awesome experiences for large groups of students.

We offer 3 activities that you can choose from, depending on your preferences or requirements.

ACTIVITY 1: ‘Introducing Stencil Art’ (1 hour activity)

Everyone will spray their own A2 stencil artwork using our laser-cut stencils and water-based spray painting.

This is a one hour activity.

Friendly Guidance

ACTIVITY 2: ‘Graffititude’ (1 hour activity)

‘Graffititude’ explores graffiti culture, style-writing and calligraphy through first-hand teaching using our innovative, custom-built, immersive, digital experience.

Playing Graffititude

ACTIVITY 3: Bristol Street Art walking tour (1 hour activity)

Our Bristol Street Art Tour travels through some of the most historic and relevant locations in the world of global street art, walking the paths that even Banksy used as he begin his journey to global fame. The tour also covers the history of graffiti from the 1980’s, and the incredible rise of the global street art movement.

Bristol Street Art Tours with student groups

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