Discovering over 30 years of Street Art history

Come and discover the street art home of BANKSY and explore international street art and Bristol’s graffiti art legends

Running every Saturday and Sunday, plus mid week dates in half terms and holidays

This is the first street art tour set up in Bristol, and the tour that was created to support and promote the artists, whilst providing insights into the working life of Banksy and many of the other artists involved in Bristol’s unique and internationally-known creative culture.
Being supported by the Bristol street art community, you get the insiders view of the scene.
Since it’s creation WHERE THE WALL has won numerous awards including BEST INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE and BEST VISITOR EXPERIENCE 2016/2017, Gold Award for GUIDED TOUR OF THE YEAR for WHERETHEWALL’s Bristol Street Art Tour and LEARNING EXPERIENCE OF THE YEAR for WHERETHEWALL’s “Introducing Stencil Art Spray Sessions” 2017/2018, at the Bristol, Bath and Somerset Tourism Awards.

Nelson Street Bristol Street Art

Insightful Graffiti Tour & Street Art Tour

Our team includes people who have grown up with Banksy, and are experts in the fields of creativity, music and art, and can provide unique and memorable experiences for you and your group.
Come and experience the rich history and culture of street art and graffiti in Bristol.

DURATION: Around 2 hours
START: College Green, central Bristol (exact details upon booking confirmation email)
ENDS: Bristol Cultural Quarter, Stokes Croft (15 – 20 minutes walk from the start point)

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Next available Bristol Street Art Tour dates:

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“If you only do one thing in Bristol, make it this!”

From Banksy to Inkie, Nick Walker to 3D, from 3Dom to Pixel Pancho, from 1988 to 2017 and beyond.

Bristol as a city has a place in street art history that is incomparable. Come and see how.

Bristol Street Art Tours is a guided walking tour starting in Bristol’s city centre on College Green and finishing in the creative quarter, Stokes Croft.

All ticket bookings are taken online, using our credit card and debit card payment system, or from the Bristol Tourist Information centre on the Harbourside.

Advanced bookings allow us to always start the walking tour on time.

By coming on one of our tours, you will immerse yourself into Bristol street art and graffiti art, gaining insights into what makes Bristol a truly unique city for this art-form.

“It felt like a floating lecture where you hang upon every word!”

See art by the artists who inspired a young Banksy, explore Bristol’s pop art history

We begin by exploring the street art in the centre of Bristol and then delve into Bristol’s independent and creative-quarter. Our Tour guides live and work within the Bristol street art community, so you always have the best and most knowledgeable tour guides.

As street art is a transient and changing world with new artworks appearing each month, we will always show you the latest and most cutting-edge artwork.

“One of the best experiences of my life! It was just awesome!”

You should come on a Bristol Street Art Tour if :

  • You like Banksy and want to hear more about him: from Bristol ‘kiddie’ to the world’s best known artist. (People on our tour actually know Banksy.)
  • You want photos of cutting-edge and contemporary street art and graffiti.
  • You want to learn more about the artistic-styles and techniques used in street art and graffiti.
  • You’re exploring parts of Bristol you’ve not been to before.
  • You want to celebrate Bristol’s rich history and culture of street art and graffiti

Book your places

Tickets can be purchased online using our booking system : Book your tickets

Tickets are also available from the Bristol Tourist Information Centre near The Watershed.

Address: 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol. BS1 5TX