“A Piece of….BANKSY!” self-guided tour, Bristol was designed and built using Where The Wall digital innvation, and is a collaboration with world famous Graffiti hunter and Bristol graff-father John Nation.

The tour was built to work on any phone built since 2009 in order to maximise accessibility to the experience and requires a small amount of 4g/5g data, and a pair of headphones. “A Piece Of…Banksy!” self-guided tour is a unique, simple to use, tour of each Banksy location in the central Bristol area. The tour can be enjoyed walking, cycling or by car, and as part of a package of experiences with Where The Wall.

Self Guided Banksy Art Tour

The self-guided tour works on any smart phone without any app store downloading, and requires a small amount of 4G/5G data.

You will need a pair of headphones, bluetooth or wired to enjoy the narrative.

If you would like to do the self-guided tour yourself, you can purchase an activation code that runs two devices, from the Bristol Street Art Tours website.

For more information and to purchase the self-guided tour, click here.

YouTube review of Banksy art self-guided tour