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“These experiences work fantastically well for presenting art in a totally different light, opening-up murals, graffiti-lettering, stencils and so many interesting creative graphic design skills.”

Every pupil enjoys these sessions that empower so many of the virtues of creative thinking, and many teachers have remarked that our sessions work remarkably well for re-engaging the boys, in particular, back into art.

The hands-on sessions are run by experienced and well-known Bristol street artists who’s work is viewable on the streets, all with many years experience painting all forms of street art and graffiti, and with lots of experience delivering captivating creative design sessions.

Examples of the format for a day with us :

1. A world-famous Bristol Street Art Tour

As originators of the Bristol Street Art Tours experience, greeting guests from all over the world all year round, and with over 100 reviews on TripAdvisor, the WHERETHEWALL Team knows how to present the amazing artwork in Bristol in an exciting and engaging fashion.
This street art tour looks at styles and techniques, and this gets the children looking at the artwork in a much more detailed way: up close and first-hand.

2. Creative design session

Ideas and suggestions aplenty! This session is led by a Bristol street artist and with many years experience working with children, the ideas come flowing from the children in a workshop format.
Self-empowerment is greatly encouraged in order to reveal unique ideas from everyone. These ideas are then translated into practical application, and with this in mind the children start planning their artwork.

3. “Lets hit the wall!”

Once designs are complete it’s time to get the speay-cans out either on our outside or inside walls (using water-based spray paint) the children will turn their ideas and plans into real street art. This part of the session brings the newly formed-confidence to the fore, with each individual making their mark and revealing their designs to the world.

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