U.S. Elections – Humour is the best weapon

A Satire of Modern Politics in Street Art

Good Morning Planet Earth!

Today all eyes are turned on the US, as the country is about to elect their new leader.


It’s been a scary and ugly campaign but one good thing to take from it is that it pushed people to take on the streets and voice their fears. Street Art is a tool of resistance after all, and when politics becomes a soap-opera, humour is sometimes the best weapon!

So let’s forget the incoherent, agressive and hateful speeches and try to look at these past few months through a funnier perspective.

Be ready for some Hillary propaganda, Drumpy-Trumpy-Chumpy piss-taking, Politico-pokemons stickering, Evil twins postering, and of course aptly condemning stencilling…

Hillary Propaganda
Poutine & Trump
The list of 13
The Twins
We can do it Bitch Please
Trolls Gotta vote 'em all

This article contains work by Marc Guetta, Hani ShihadaMindaugas Bonanu, BitchPlz, Tabby, D-Nek, Pegasus, John D’Oh and many other anonymous artists.


Yep, things can be pretty messed up, but at least we have Art…