Street Art Malaga

Malaga is known for it’s street art in the SOHO area with some of the biggest street artists in the world having painted there including Shepard Fairy (Obey), D*Face, Ben Eine, Boavistura, Space Invader and Felipe Pantone, to name a few.
The Lagunillas district also contains vibrant street art and graffiti art styles.

WHERE THE WALL have featured two artists from Malaga, Hide Two and Aintzane Cruceta, and created movies about both of them on the YouTube channel.

Aintzane Cruceta

Aintzane Cruceta is a pop surrealist, using illustration and street art to explore a fantasy world based around symbolism and her own personal experiences.
WHERE THE WALL met her in Malaga and created a documentary movie, exploring her work and getting an insight into her thoughts and what motivates her.

Hide Two

Hide Two’s video can be found here.
Street Art Malaga
The WTW movie documenting the graffiti artists Hang Two on the WHERE THE WALL YouTube channel, here.

Alemeida Principal Market Malaga
Fun in the market at Alemeida Principal in Malaga
Obey Giant Shepard Fairy D*Face Street Art Malaga
Andre The Giant by Shepard Fairy in Malaga
Bull Ring Malaga
The Bull Ring in Malaga
Obey Giant Street Art in Malaga
Obey Giant Street Art in Malaga
Street Art in Soho District Malaga
Street Art in Soho District Malaga