Brunswick Hoards: Watch the making of movie

Would you believe it, we saw fresh new wall space in the centre of Bristol and couldn’t resist collaborating with some of Bristol’s best graffiti artists to make a stand-out graffiti art exhibition.

Having seen the location, we spoke to Inkie, Hemper, Deamze, 45 RPM and Dibz asking them to put together a team.
The Brunswick Hoards Graffiti Art Exhibition GIF

We then measured and plotted each location for each team, this was the final layout,
The Brunswick Hoards Graffiti art exhibitionartist layout

Having agreed to get paint costs covered, what foillowed was an incredible Bristol collaboration by like-minded, independent people, all of whom are doing their own thing, and expressing themselves in any ways they wish.

Deamze street art and graffriti art digital remix by WHERETHEWALL
2016-02-11 08.49.17
2016-02-11 08.49.45
2016-02-11 08.50.36
2016-02-11 08.52.48
2016-02-11 08.53.45
2016-02-11 08.54.29
2016-02-11 08.54.55

Don’t miss watching the video of how it all happened.