And the winners are…


First of all, THANK YOU!!!

thanks goodness

We had SUCH a great time these last few weeks posting our daily videos and introducing you to some of the best graffiti & street artists in Bristol. We’ve been overwhelmed by your response, and it makes us even more happy to know that our Urban Calendars will find a happy home this coming 2017.

Our Advent Calendar may be finished, but this certainly gave us loads of ideas for the new year, and hopefully many more surprises (and goodies) to come.

So without any further delay, time has come to announce the winners…

Tony Gillepsie
Chris Book
Paul Smith
Linda Greenough Rowe


Dave Jones
Paul Roberts
Nick Matthews 

Well done to all of you and don’t forget to check your inboxes, for we will get in touch very soon in order to send you your prize!

You can even send us a picture back once you have it so that we can put you on our hall of fame ;)

And to those who didn’t win this time; stay tuned as we will be releasing some other competitions as soon as possible.

In the meantime, have a lovely Christmas, and of course a beautiful year.

- We would also like to thank Miss Hazard, Deamze, EPOK, Andy Council, Voyder, Zase, SEPR, The Paintsmiths, 3Dom, Alex Lucas, SP Zero 76 and Soker for making this happen. It’s thanks to you and all of our local artists that Bristol is such an urban gem.