“5 Artists I can’t wait to see at Upfest 2016″ by Johanna Dragovic: Shok-1

Artist 4: Shok-1

“Not only does he master the spray-can like very few – but he literally transcends the genre.”

Shok-1 Street Art

Johanna’s fourth choice is London-based street artist Shok-1 who’s work is regular on show in East London, especially Fournier Street where he regular updates his wall, and his unique style did miss the attention of Johanna,
“I always found X-rays strangely mesmerizing and darkly beautiful. I love the idea of being able to see ‘beyond’. Radiology offers a bold realisation of what we really are.”

Shok-1 Street Art

X-rays lie between ultraviolet and gamma radiations on the electromagnetic spectrum ; they are consequently very difficult to reproduce. And that’s without even mentioning how accurate and pertinent you need to be when replicating the living body’s structure.

Shok-1 Street Art

His pieces have the glowing effect of medical imaging; translucent and complex. If you still had doubt about the beauty of science, you won’t be disappointed.
Shok-1 has art in his bones!

Johanna Dragović of WHERE THE WALL Johanna Dragović is a writer, street art tour guide and cultural ambassador for Bristol, currently working at WHERE THE WALL. She speaks four languages allowing her an active role in communicating Bristol’s contemporary culture to an international audience.